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Prem Carnot | Avoiding Pickleball Injuries: My Top 3 Tips

Joe Baker |  Doubles  Strategy 101-How to Play Smart, Ten Tips

This video provides strategy and tips for playing smart pickleball. It discusses shot selection, court positioning, etc. The focus is on pickleball strategy.

Doubles Pickleball Strategy 102 – Smart Pickleball Vol. 2, Power

Describes a pickleball strategy of when to use power and when to hit softly.

“We’ve all heard that most rallies end not with spectacular winner shots but rather with unforced errors, usually into the net. The main root cause of many of the unforced errors is the use of force exactly opposite of when it should be used.”

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Sarah Ansboury | Tips For Seniors

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Deb Harrison | Rethink The Dink

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Pickleball Doubles Scoring Explained


Pickleball: Here’s How to Play

Bill on the Road >